What Your Jewelry Says About You

Jewelry is not just a last-minute add-on to a random ensemble, but is your secret style weapon that has the power to transform any outfit. Unlike other aspects of your style, jewelry lasts through generations and often remains a special and timeless keepsake that carries lots of meaning and value to the beholder.

While clothes often express our personality or individual flairs, jewelry is often much more sentimental, bringing back memories of other people, an event, or a specific mood. Furthermore, jewelry is definitely a source of empowerment, a way to elevate your best self and feel more confident in who you really are.

Even though you might not realize it, just like your clothes, what kind of jewelry you wear and the way you wear it says a lot about your personality and who you are. There are 6 main categories of jewelry personalities:

Bright & Fun

I’d say this trend is most my style. The bigger and bolder the better, I love big earrings, chunky bangles, and bright necklaces. If this resembles your style, likely you are bubbly and outgoing, you love to have a good time and be social, and you are more cheerful and artistic. While you are trendy, you beat to your own drum and don’t overly stress about the latest fashion trends.


If you have a more understated, simplistic jewelry style, this means you inhabit a more timeless, classic look. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s boring, and your jewelry collection is made up of elegant pieces that are super versatile and go with everything. You probably have a more understated personality and don’t like to stand out from the crowd — you do however, always like to look perfectly poised and elegant.


This is you if you love jewelry that has a positive environmental impact or if you are drawn to jewelry that has earth tones, such as pieces made with sea glass, driftwood, gems, or seashells. You are unique, and while you don’t like to make a statement with your jewelry, you definitely like to be one of a kind in your style. If this is your style, you likely are a nature enthusiast that feels best when donning earthy colors, such as turquoise or forest green.


Minimalists believe that less is more, which means you rely on just a few main pieces to keep your jewelry collection afloat. Minimalists are modern, and love the look of sleek and understated jewelry that is not blingy or too showy. If this is your style, you probably don’t like to overcomplicate your life and tend to lean to the oderly and organized side of things. It’s a style that is pared down yet still stylish, and you love to keep it simple yet still stunning.


While this trend is nothing new, it represents those who love to pair their jewelry with their clothes, and be perfectly matching always. This represents those of us who are organized and responsible, and take pride in being perfectly mixed-and-matched with every outfit.


Is there such thing as too much? If you love bling, there is no such thing as being too over the top. You love all that sparkles and shines, and you’re not afraid to stand out and make a statement. You always take extra time to add elegance and glitz to your outfit, and there is nothing you love more than looking super glam.

In reality, most of us are a combination of a few of these, because our own individuality is always reflected in different ways. Style will always be unique and individual to your tastes. Not only that, but often times, jewelry has a sentimental aspect, because many women collect pieces of jewelry that have immense meaning and will stay with them for decades.

Whichever category you fit into, embrace who you are and don’t be afraid to add that extra touch to your outfits with jewelry. It says a lot about who you are, and I love seeing the beautiful combinations women come up with, because it inspires me as well.

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