Wardrobe Detoxing After the Holidays

Hey girls!! Here’s your official welcome to the New Year and the sign you’ve been looking for to finally get ahold of your wardrobe! 2019 is the time to get organized and get rid of the things that have been sitting in the back of your closet for much too long.

Now that the holiday season has finally come to a close, does anyone else feel absolutely exhausted, bloated, or just run down? Well you’re not alone! While I’ve loved all the celebrations, gift giving, and fun that comes with this time of year, I am so ready to take a step back and give my life and myself a little detox. Now by “detoxing” I don’t mean going on a juice cleanse or starting a new diet (although go for it if that’s what you want!) but more just some small ways you can shed all that stress and step into 2019 a more organized, relaxed, and confident woman. Because who doesn’t want to press the restart button heading into a new year? Well I sure do, so come along with me and let’s bring our best selves into 2019.

Eating Habits Detox

With all the sugary, salty, and fatty foods that surround holiday parties and events, we can easily get in a pattern of eating foods with high calories and little nutrients. With the holidays over, you have no excuse to keep these foods around! Try to focus on upping your water consumption as well as incorporate more fresh vegetables and whole grains into your diet. Trust me, you will immediately feel more energized and less bloated. Furthermore, you are investing in yourself by nourishing your body. When you eat with intention, you are putting yourself on a path to become the best version of YOU. However, while it’s important to feel our best on the inside, we certainly want to look our best as well, and that might mean giving yourself a wardrobe detox to rid yourself of all that excess “stuff” and clutter.

Wardrobe Detox

Now let’s get to the good stuff — your wardrobe!! Just like you want to feel your best on the inside, you want your outside (aka your clothes!) to look just as good! This can start by tackling your closet, and reevaluating what you want to keep in your closet vs. what is holding you back from putting your best fashion foot forward in 2019. Any clothes you haven’t worn in the past 6 months, get rid of — and this is also a great time to pack away all your holiday and Christmas-themed clothes. Pack your seasonal’s away until next year. Your closet and your mind will thank you for it.

When assessing whether you should keep an item, ask yourself these three simple questions:

1. When was the last time you wore it?

2. Does it hold any sentimental value?

3. Does it still suit you or fit?

If you really want to do a real wardrobe detox, ask these questions with as many of your clothes as possible. If you haven’t worn it in the past 6 months, if there is no sentimental value, or if it doesn’t fit or suit you any longer, get rid of it!! This will allow you to truly pair down what you need versus what no longer serves you… But what if you might wear that top sometime? What if there’s a theme party in your future and you’d regret if you gave that skirt away? We all think those thoughts! But ultimately that is toxic thinking that will only cloud your mind and your closet. You’re likely going to buy new clothing items at some point, and the more things you accumulate, the more things you must get rid of to offset the new. Think of this as your “fashion karma” — if it’s not serving you any longer, give it away so it can serve someone else.

Next, get rid of odds and ends in your closet. This applies to that shirt you love but have never worn because you have nothing else that goes with it, or other items, colors, or fabrics that sit in the back of your closet and just don’t seem to go with anything else you have. Also, get rid of colors that don’t suit you. There are colors I love but sometimes we just have to accept that certain ones aren’t as flattering compared to other colors that are much more complimentary.

Another key rule to getting your wardrobe organized for the New Year is effective boxes, hangers, and trays. Organizers are your best friends! Pack away your off-season clothes and organize the clothes you need in your closet with clearly labeled containers, slim hangers, and neatly-folded clothes. Start your New Year off right with everything organized, there is no better feeling!

Wardrobe Organizers, IKEA

Take a Step Back

While you may be all-in to give your closet an overhaul, detox is best served in small doses. Don’t assume you can completely revamp your whole closet in one afternoon, because it will cause you to commit to more than you’re prepared to do or have time for. In this situation, you’ll likely end up getting halfway through and then leaving your closet in a disaster that is overwhelming and unlikely for you to get back to anytime soon. Instead, tackle one section at a time. This can be sweaters, shoes, pants, etc. — but by splitting up the organizing into manageable sections, you’re much more likely to make great progress.

There is no better way to ring in the New Year and give yourself some self-love than by giving your closet a detox this January! You will feel lighter and make room for the things you will undoubtedly be adding in 2019.

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