Top 10 #GirlBoss Habits

Being a confident, capable woman requires hard work and effort. But if you’re willing to put in the time, you can truly take your life to the next level and achieve all that you are looking for. The list below explains the top 10 powerful things you can get into the habit of doing all the time, to be the best #girlboss you can be.

1. Be Consistent

Whether it’s waking up at the same time every day, keeping a journal, or cooking more of your own meals, be consistent. Don’t go to sleep at 10pm one night and 2am the next. As much as you can, it’s important to keep the same routine over time. When your standard activities (like sleep) are constantly changing, it’s easy to miss things or forget something important. But when you build a routine that is consistent and actually stick to it, it’s easier to handle other things that pop up that are out of your control.

2. Make Genuine Priorities

Making priorities that ring true to what you want to accomplish are vital in being successful. Whether you prioritize your health, your work, your kids, or your sleep, make sure that your actions reflect that. Make time for the things that are most important to you and don’t let other trivial things stand in the way. It can be hard to strike the balance between work life, home life, and personal time, but it’s important that you carve out time to make what matters to you work.

3. Schedule Personal Time

One thing you definitely need to prioritize is your health and well-being. Take time to be by yourself doing something for yourself — you deserve it! Being alone and relaxing gives yourself time to reflect and decompress, making it easier to combat outside stress and pressures.

4. Set Goals

Setting goals are important, because they reflect your ambition and the targets you want to achieve. But, most of us are vague and set goals that are more like wishes. Saying to yourself you want to “make more money” or “lose weight” aren’t goals. Instead, make your aims specific, such as wanting to make a certain amount more or losing a specific amount of pounds. Next step? Make them more precise by setting steps and a due date. By doing this, your goals will become more attainable because you will have set specific parameters that make it easier to stay on track.

5. Use a Calendar

If you’re anything like me, then you have to have things written down so that they are planned. By writing down important events and due dates, you can better organize your life. That way, instead of trying to remember everything in your head, you have physical proof laid out in front of you. Also, I find that using a calendar makes it easier to prepare for busy weeks when I can see it all laid out if I know I’m going to be on the go a lot.

6. Keep Water Nearby

A true girl boss needs to stay hydrated! Your body needs water to work properly, and there are so many common side effects to being dehydrated. I always have a water next to me so I have something to sip on throughout the day. By drinking lots of water, you are helping every part of your body work better, from your skin to your heart.

7. Make To-Do Lists

This is similar to goal setting, except to-do lists are better for the day-to-day tasks that need to get done. Write them down and rank the tasks so that you have a visual list of what you need to cross off. I write down grocery store trips, loads of laundry I have to complete, and when I have to pick up my daughter from school. By keeping organized, everything becomes much more manageable and it’s easier to stay focused.

8. Use ‘Do Not Disturb’

That iPhone function is there for a reason, and sometimes we need to use it to focus. I think it’s very important to be present, and there is nothing more distracting than always having our phones attached to our hip. It’s okay to put your phone down and fully immerse in whatever you’re doing — whether that’s doing work, chores, or having a date night with your partner. The more you lessen distractions, the more productive you will be.

9. Tidy Up

To me, taking a few minutes to tidy my surroundings makes a huge difference in my ability to focus and feel positive. Trying to do work is difficult when everything is cluttered and messy. So, just keep your workspace tidy and make it a place where you don’t mind sitting down and focusing. Being in a pretty environment makes it that much easier to get stuff done.

10. Exercise

Even if you can only manage 10 minutes of physical activity, find a way to move your body every day. On top of the obvious physical benefits, there are so many mental advantages too. Exercise helps to decrease stress, boost endorphin production, improve confidence, make it easier to focus, and helps you sleep better. For me, exercise is a release and is a vital part of making me feel both powerful and strong.

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