Tis' The Season

If you are looking for super fun stocking stuffers or the perfect little mini gift for that ​girl that literately has it ALL…well she may not have this.

PS I gave some of these in my Leaders Swags Bags at our Leader Retreat and I would say they loved them!


They are the hottest new little trend this year! Many ladies are rocking them in all types of patterns, and colors!! For those avid knitters out there Pinterest has several free patterns available but you can also check out several ETSY shops that make the most adorable ones for a great handmade price!

Now ladies can have the best of both worlds, their hair up and off their neck, and their ears warm!!! You can get them monogrammed and buy coordinating scarves and gloves to go with! You can even accessorize it! Add bows, and clips to create extra cuteness!!

What will they come up with next?! 

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