The Top 12 Fall Jewelry Trends

With labour day finally signalling the end of summer, it’s sadly time to start thinking about putting away our beachy and bright fun summer jewelry and instead look to the newest fall trends. Even though I’m sad to wave the summer goodbye, I always love a new season because it means we get to see new trends and try out some new styles. Here’s what to look for this season:


Pearls are IN this fall, so don’t be afraid to rock pearls your way. Whether you want to wear them in a simple stud or dare to be more bold by wearing a statement necklace, pearls are truly the ultimate girly and feminine accessory.

Dangly Earrings

This trend is not so much about giant chandelier-style pieces, but more about delicate and simple long earrings that fall in a straight line. This long and fine style is perfect for those of us that don’t like to have heavy things tugging on our ear lobes but still do like to have some ear bling.


Who would’ve thought to match their earrings with their necklace? Well this fall, harmonizing your jewelry is an up-and-coming trend, so try to pair your jewelry together to create the ultimate complementary look.


Believe it or not, brooches are in! This retro trend is no longer for your grandmother, but instead can give a splash of color and glam to any outfit. Add a brooch if you’re wearing a more minimal outfit to really take your style to the next level.

Ear Bling

If you have multiple ear piercings, this trend is for you! This style is all about loading your ears up with multiple different pieces, from ear cuffs to dangly beaded chains. The more the merrier, so this fall don’t hesitate to rock some ear bling by layering all different kinds of pieces.

Chunky Bracelets

Ya’ll know I love me some wrist bling, and there is no better way to do that than with chunky bracelets. They are definitely more bold and glam, but are a fun way to add some style and design to any outfit.

Tassel Earrings

If you love color and being bold, you’ll love this trend. Tassel earrings are perfect for the more bohemian woman who loves fringe and adding pops of color to her outfits.

Gold Charm Bracelets

Turn up the glitz and glam with a chunky charm bracelet, perfect because you can customize them the way you want! This fall it’s all about charm bracelets, but specifically ones that are gold.


Hoops are still in, but this time they’re decorated and more ornamental. This season you can find hoops of all different styles, from ones with dangly beads, fringe, or even multiple hoops.


Often, fall is all about turning away from bright colors towards more darker hues of gemstones. Even though they sometime may look more like costume jewelry, I totally love this look. From rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in tones like ruby, emerald, and amber, there are so many different colors you can make work.

Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are still in, but this time they’re very chunky and meant to be layered. I always love layering because I think it adds such a fun and interesting pop of design to any look. This fall, make a statement by layering your chain jewelry over top of one another. They can be paired with dresses or a blazer for a more polished look, or with a plain t-shirt if you want to look effortless.


This is something I have been seeing everywhere — personalized jewelry. From letter pendants to people wearing their name in a necklace (or on a ring), monogrammed jewelry is back and better than ever. Don’t be afraid to deck yourself out in jewelry that is deeply meaningful and personal to you.

From this list, you can find any of the styles that work for you. Also, I find that a new season is a great excuse to go out of your comfort zone and maybe try a few things you wouldn’t normally. I often hear from people who try out a new trend that they end up loving it even though they thought they would hate it.

Compared to lots of other things in our lives, experimenting with jewelry is pretty tame. Maybe this fall you’ll be willing to try out a brooch, or rock some big hoop earrings. Whatever you choose to do, don’t be afraid to just go for it and make a statement with your accessories.

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