The 2019 Trends to Look Out For

The New Year means new trends that come and go, many of which don’t even affect our wardrobe. Those are those crazy trends that are splashed across high fashion magazines, runways, and from the celebrities on red carpets. But many other trends trickle down through more popular women’s magazines and department stores, eventually making their way to us! But how can we decide what trends to leave to the celebrities and what we should adapt into our personal wardrobe? Here’s a list of the upcoming trends that you’ll want to buy, the things you should be digging out from the back of your closet, and some new tips and tricks to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest from the fashion world.

As always, trends come and go, and you should only adopt outfits and items into your routine that you love and will wear. Truly, there’s no point buying something that’s just going to sit in the back of your closet and collect dust with the tags still on it (yes, I know we’ve all been there), so while I recommend you should try out some new trends, don’t go overboard if it’s something you genuinely don’t think you’d ever wear. Especially often with new trends, it’s okay to just “wait it out” and see if the trend is going to stick it out or whether it’s just a fad and not worth spending any money on. We can become too crazed over the next best thing and then before we know it that trend is over and done with. Learn how to combine new with old, because “new” trends really just mean recycled old ones.

Without further explanation, here are the upcoming trends to look out for in the next couple of months:

Boho Chic

This style draws upon a relaxed bohemian vibe, one that often involves lots of loose-fitting fabrics, neutral colors, and flowy garments. Boho chic involves mixing different patterns and fabrics into a casual and versatile yet still stylish outfit. With this trend, you’ll see amulet jewellery, crochet items, and loose skirts. Especially look for sun-inspired hues and neutrals, geometric prints, fringe, and scarves.

Everything Utility

Function meets fashion with this trend, and I love me some Camo! We will definitely be seeing more of this trend in the upcoming year — from patch pockets on pants, satchel bags and denim outfits, Khaki and Camo are here to stay. With this trend, you’ll especially see cargo pants in dusky hues, cross-body bags, utility belts, vests, and clothing with hardware such as big zippers or studs.

Feathery Details

From earrings to tote bags and ballerina flats, another upcoming trend is feathered accessories. Whimsical and girly, this trend is super cute and once again, can be incorporated into your outfit in any way you choose. This trend gives you lots of options and doesn’t have to make a statement, but can be more subdued. For example, this top is delicately embellished with a bit of feather trim, perfect for a date night!

Intricate Flats

Now this is a trend I can get behind! Lots of runways ditched the classic 6-inch heel for a more favorable flat. This trend seems to be more girly and dainty, so leave the heels at home and give your feet a much-needed break with detailed flats. Whether you want something embellished, printed, or embroidered, this is one trend I can totally get behind.

Fabulous Fringe

While ruffles were all the rage in 2018, this year those ruffles are out fringe will be taking over. Reminiscent of that boho vibe, fringe represents a cross between both the bohemian and western trends. This year’s take on fringe is more detailed and girly. I love this trend and think it is super fun and fabulous, so I can’t wait to see more fringed clothing in the upcoming season.


While this is a crossover from last year, this highlighter trend is definitely one that makes a statement. Neon is for those who wish to be daring and stand out, who aren’t afraid to push boundaries. With that said, don’t let it scare you! Neon can be incorporated into your outfit with a small earring or purse so you don’t have to totally stand out. Either way, pastel is gone in favor of more bright and electric hues. I’ve even seen neon in the form of tie-dye!! Only time will tell if this one will stick…

Snakeskin > Cheetah Print

While I definitely think that animal print is here to stay as well, snakeskin seems to be totally taking over. This print will become a standout in 2019, and just like the Cheetah and Leopard prints of 2018, snakeskin will be spotted everywhere from boots to skirts, bags, belts, and more. So, if you’re ready to move on from Cheetah of last year, get ready for snakeskin to hit the stores everywhere if you haven’t seen already spotted it (… Or, if you’re like me, you can continue to embrace both).

As the new season welcomes you into a new phase of trying to decide what to wear, the fashion industry always has us contemplating whether to stick with our tried-and-true clothes we know and love, or whether we will change it up for something new.

So… what will you wear?

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