Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Edition

There is nothing more refreshing than giving your wardrobe a spring clean up. If you’re anything like me then you’ve spent all winter neglecting closet organization and letting clothes, shoes, and accessories all pile up with no structure in sight. I get it — things get busy and especially as the weather gets nice again, who wants to spend a sunny Saturday inside decluttering?

Most people probably don’t.

But, this spring make a commitment to yourself to be more organized and stay on top of the dreaded closet clutter. There’s no time like the present, so just get it over with and you will feel so much better. Plus it doesn’t have to be so bad. Make yourself a playlist with all your fave tunes to jam out to to make it less painful.

If you’re planning on getting anywhere (and actually finishing the job), limit other distractions. Put some music on but put your phone on silent to prevent getting a notification and then wasting time scrolling through your phone for 20 minutes (I’ve tried this method — it doesn’t get you very far). Just commit to spending 2-3 hours on this one task!

First things first, take everything out of your closet and prepare to purge.

Assess what you need by going through each piece in your closet and try to remember the last time you wore it. If it’s been longer than 8 months, it’s time for it to go. This is an important exercise because it reminds your brain of the clothing you may have forgotten about as well as you will immediately be able to gauge how many clothes you have and what your wardrobe needs more of.

If you can’t remember what a piece of clothing looks like on you or whether it fits, try it on. Be prepared to try lots of stuff on — you will be left reminded of the great clothes in your closet versus the items that make you wonder what you were thinking. If you come across any clothes that are ripped, stained, or ruined, just toss them out.

I cannot stress this enough: let your experience dictate your actions.

This means that there’s a reason you haven’t worn something in a year or why a shirt still has its tags on it. We all make impulse purchases, but it’s useless to waste your limited closet space by filling it with clothes you’ll never wear. Furthermore, if you don’t feel good in it, don’t keep it. If you don’t like it now, you never will.

With all of your clothes out of your closet, now is the time to clean. Wipe down the insides of all drawers, shelves, and spaces to remove any dirt or dust.

Once you’ve gone through it all and created piles of keeps, give-aways, and off-season clothes, sort accordingly. Put your discards in a large bag or box and find a local place to donate or sell them (Facebook is a great tool to sell your clothes). For your off-season clothes, pack them away in a labelled airtight bin or box to ensure they don’t get dusty. For the clothes you keep, re-fold and sort each item. T-shirts should be folded and kept together, while sweaters should be folded and pants/jackets should be hung and organized based on your preference.

Now is the time to invest in the organization that you keep putting off.

There is really no substitute for utilizing boxes, proper hangers, and varying compartments because it saves so much space and allows you to see what’s in your closet much more easily. It’s all about efficiency — you want your clothes to be organized in a way that makes getting ready not only easy but also enjoyable.

Some closet essentials are: a full-length mirror, a step stool if you have a hard time reaching those top shelves, and lots of different clear boxes to keep everything in one place. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Pinterest for some awesome closet organization hacks. Organize your closet in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Now that you’ve successfully purged and reorganized, it’s time to reimagine what’s left and figure out what is missing from your wardrobe. It’s the perfect reward for all your hard work! Also take notice if you have a lot of one thing — you might stay away from purchasing another white t-shirt, but next time you’re out shopping, you could look for a different style or color. By spring cleaning your wardrobe, you know exactly what you have in your closet. Plus, it’ll feel like you have an entirely new wardrobe!

The most important final tip: don’t let all your hard work go to waste! Commit to keeping clothes organized and put away and don’t allow yourself to throw your t-shirts in a drawer or keep dirty socks on the floor. If you stay on top of it, it’s much less work.

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