Mastering your Holiday Season Wardrobe

’Tis the season of attending and hosting holiday parties! This is definitely a crazy time of year, filled with lots of friends, family, food, and celebration. But it can be overwhelming to have a packed schedule with events every weekend, especially when it comes down to deciding what to wear! Are you supposed to wear a new dress for every occasion? Are you supposed to wear a dress or can you get away with wearing pants or something less formal? What does “festive attire” mean?

If you don’t have all of your holiday outfits picked out already — trust me, you’re not alone. However, waiting until the last minute to choose an outfit can lead to impulse spending or buying things you don’t need or won’t wear again. It can be super costly to buy a new outfit for every event, and the cost of buying lots of new clothes and accessories can quickly add up. In order to avoid spending a fortune on your holiday attire, learn how to mix-and-match and plan ahead in order to look your most fabulous. But don’t stress, because I’ve got it all covered. Here’s how to own your holiday season wardrobe:

Know the Dress Code

What you should wear depends almost solely on the type of event it is. If it’s a friend’s house or a work Christmas party, the number one rule is to know the dress code of the event that you’re going to so you’re not too over the top or too casual (and there is nothing worse than feeling like you don’t fit in!). When dressing for any occasion, you really have two options: to wear something you already have in your closet or buy something new. But you can also do a mix of both, and your choice should really depend on how many events you are going to and if you can re-work the things you already have. If you have a packed event schedule this holiday, I suggest combining things you already own with versatile new items that you will be able to wear more than once. Below I’ve listed some ideas for the best trendy outfits this season.

Work Parties & Formal Events

For dressier events like a work party or gala, I suggest opting for either a dress, jumpsuit, or a skirt with a nice blouse. It’s important to look noticeably dressed up and put-together. If you’re looking to purchase something new, you can spice up your holiday season style with some of this season’s bold colors and prints, which are totally in and are guaranteed to make you look fab. Make a splash with the “it” trends of this season — rich jewel tones, bright red, metallics, animal print, or tweed. Trendy styles for this season are jumpsuits, long skirts, velvet blazers, and plaid suit pieces.

Women's POPSUGAR Velvet Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Another option is to look for a glitzy or fun party dress that is cheap, which means you only have to wear it a few times and it doesn’t have to be really good quality. Department stores such as T.J. Maxx, Target, and Marshall’s offer super affordable dresses that look expensive, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pump

Another alternative is to wear something you already have in your closet. Choose something dressy from your closet and add a flare to it with statement jewelry, makeup, or a bold shoe. Whether it’s a necklace that goes with your LBD or a funky shoe that completes your look, the right accessory can make all the difference in creating an outfit that feels totally refreshed. This winter, sequins are all the rage, so add some glitz and glam to your formal look by incorporating sequins in a more subdued way, such as in a shoe, clutch, or pair of earrings. This way, you can jazz up an outfit you already have without breaking the bank!

Ava & Viv Velour Wrap Dress

Gaslusto Chain Handle Shoulder Bag

Family Get-Togethers & Holiday Concerts

For less formal events such as a friend’s Christmas party or holiday concert, it’s much easier to re-wear something you already have rather than buy a whole new outfit. You can rejuvenate your holiday wardrobe by re-working certain pieces you haven’t worn in awhile or by incorporating newer items with older ones. Your outfit should be festive, yet versatile enough that you can easily wear it again. For example, you can create a new outfit with your fave pair of jeans but add a new cashmere sweater or blouse. Alternatively, match a top you already have with a new pair of pants or skirt. Another option is to wear the clothes you already have in ways you don’t normally wear them. For example, those dress pants you don’t normally wear with that jacket? Try it out this time! It’s easy to become stuck to our tried and true outfits, but sometimes it’s good to go outside the box. Your wardrobe will look brand new in no time, and no one will even have the slightest clue that you’re wearing something they’ve seen before!

Plaid Scallop Hem Wool Blend Skirt

Antonio Melani Polly Tie Wide Leg Pant

Ultimately, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. If it’s something you feel amazing in, you will automatically look gorgeous, which is even more important than wearing something brand new. It’s also important to have fun while you’re out socializing, so ultimately you should choose what makes you feel most confident. With all the Christmas craziness, it can become easy to lose sight of all the magic this time of year has to offer. But remember — it’s the holidays, which means it’s the only time of year when it’s truly suitable to show off your most glitzy and glammed self, no need to tone it down!

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