Let Freedom Ring

I wanted to do something a little different! I am always sharing my passion for fashion, but another passion of mine is decorating!! Every season and holiday you will find my front porch, home and tables decked out in sweet trinkets and gorgeous garb! This week is the 4th of July and so I wanted to share with you all my decorating skills for this upcoming holiday!

And doesn’t really take a pro to doll up your home. Just pop some pillows and banners, incorporate some fun signs, and stick with thematical colors! And the infamous front porch mat!! For those that follow my facebook page you will see I love changing out my mats with the seasons!!

Decorating is so inviting and warm. It creates a sense of hospitality and I love shining up people’s atmospheres!

So tell me do you like to decorate to? What does your front porch look like for the 4th or the summer?

Id' love to see what you do!

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