Leaping into Spring Fashion

’Tis the season for another seasonal fashion guide! Now that spring is officially upon us, I am more than excited about the weather warming up again and of course the new fun fashion trends. From new colors to patterns and different styles, what I love most about spring fashion is that everything feels much fresher and brighter!

Here’s a rundown of the Spring 2019 fashion trends, and as always, some are super fun and simple whereas others are a little more out there. I can’t wait to see what you guys adopt into your wardrobes.

J Crew Square-neck long-sleeve top

Square Necklines

One of the easier trends to embrace, square necklines suit just about everyone. I’m a huge fan of this trend because it is undoubtedly the simplest trend to embrace.


This trend is back for yet another season, as monochrome in neutral tones will be super big for Spring 2019. Pair all your neutral beige, cream, or grey items into one stylish outfit to be super on-trend.

Nordstrom GIBSON Cozy Twist Front Pullover


While I love the pink & red combo, pink as a stand-alone color is swapped this season for lavender instead. I don’t know about you but I LOVE this sweet purple pastel hue. Keep an eye out for lavender in the form of jewelry, jackets, and blouses.

Pastel Blue

Going along with the the pastel trend is pastel blue, which is another hot color at the moment. What I love about this color is that it is flattering on all skin tones, so you don’t have to worry whether it will suit you. Note: This is also the perfect color for Easter coming up!!

Target Women's Polka Dot Short Sleeve V-Neck Crepe Dress


Who said polka dots are only for little girls? Not me! This spring, embrace black and white polkadots for the ultimate girly and feminine look.

Mixed Patterns

This season, don’t fuss over what pattern goes with what… Instead, this trend is all about honouring pieces that do it for you! Try this blouse that combines 2 patterns in one and pair with a neutral bottom to avoid looking too over the top.

Pink & Red

Even though I included pink in one of my previous fashion guides, this time, the on-trend fad is to pair your pink with bright red. It may seem like a weird combo at first, but the colors actually compliment each other really well. This spring, cue a Valentine’s vibe with this cute combo. I love it!


One thing I always notice about this trend is that it’s very polarizing… people either love it or hate it! For me, I love it. This spring, give the cold shoulder with fun tops or dresses with a one-shoulder neckline.

Modlily Printed Button Detail Split Neck Blouse

Electric Orange

This trend defies everything I previously said about pastels being all the rage. This bright orange-y hue is bold and daring, making it the perfect color to rock as the weather gets warmer.


This might sound odd, but you will start to see squares as the go-to shape this spring. This follows the color-blocking trend, so get ready for square detailing on shirts and jackets.

Tobi Knot Going Home Rose Blouse


Isn’t this normally a kind of wine? Well yes, but this time it’s rosé but on a shirt. You will start to see this metallic blush color wherever you go, and personally, I think it’s the perfect shade for spring.

Animal Print

It’s not new news that animal print is a trend because it has been all the rage for some time now. But this season, try ditching the leopard print for Zebra instead.

Nordstrom Etienette B Good Wool Suit Jacket


Women’s suiting has truly taken the world by storm, and there is no better time to invest in a fab suit jacket and pants than now. For those of us that live in a warmer climate, it’s a more difficult trend to embrace, but if you live somewhere colder, go for it! While pantsuits of all kinds are here to stay, short suits are also rising in popularity especially as we welcome the warmer months. You can still look super feminine yet chic, and I love that this trend instantly makes you look put together even if you just throw two pieces together. It’s truly the ready-to-wear item of the moment.


Back and better than ever, tie-dye might be here to stay. As you know, I’m a huge fan of a big pop of color, and this trend definitely does just that. This spring, tie-dye gets a modern update with gorgeous patterns and color tones. It’s super light-hearted and fun, plus who can miss out on the chance to embrace their childhood again?

Lord + Taylor Driftwood Fringe Faux Suede Wrap Jacket


Fellow fringe lovers, we can rejoice again! Fringe once again made it into all different forms this season, which is perfect for your level of commitment. Whether you want to be bold with a fringe jacket or more toned down with fringe earrings, this trend should definitely have a spot in your wardrobe.

So while some of these trends may be a little too out there for you, surely there is something you are excited for wearing this spring. A new season provides a new opportunity for fashion experimenting and for pulling out those pieces you shoved away for winter. I hope you’re as excited as me.

And wherever you are, I hope sunshine and warmth finds you!

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