How to Stay Photo-Ready While Traveling

Are you going on a trip anytime soon? This article features some tips and tricks on what to pack to keep your beauty routine on point all vacation long. We look our most beautiful when we have fresh skin and a good night’s sleep, so follow these simple suggestions to make sure you’re always ready for your photo opp!

At home, our beauty routine becomes such a force of habit that we don’t even realize how many products we use throughout the day — until we start to pack, and begin to stress about how we’re going to fit 15 full-size products into our tiny suitcase. This list will help you nail down the necessities so you know the must-haves and don’t forget anything.

The most important rule when travelling is TRAVEL SIZE! There is no reason to bring a full-size product when travelling (unless maybe you are going on a month long trip). You can buy travel sizes of most of your favourite products at your local pharmacy or beauty store, or you can buy reusable mini containers for your fave products and fill them yourself.

Plus, when you’re only going away for a weekend or even just a couple of weeks, you really don’t even use enough product of anything to warrant bringing a full size.

My personal recommendation is reusable empty mini bottles that can be found at larger pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS. They typically come in “kits”, which have several bottles per pack of different styles, and they are often all under $5. And, if you don’t use the whole bottle, it can be refilled for your next trip! If you have specific products you know and love (which maybe aren’t sold in mini sizes), this is a great option to keep your beauty routine the same and travel with the products you use on a regular basis. This works for shampoo/conditioner, face creams, hair products, and more.

Another alternative for stocking up on mini-sized products is through beauty companies. Specifically, most of these companies have great rewards programs that are extremely useful. Companies such as Sephora and ULTA have amazing rewards, and often offer trial and mini sizes of products.

They are especially great because they come in handy when you’re going away. I love taking mini makeup compacts when I travel because it saves tons of room. You can stock up on mini sizes of foundation, blush, bronzers, and even mascara. Think about it this way — the more room you save in your toiletries, the more room you have to pack those extra clothes!!

Now that you’ve converted all (ok, most) of your beauty products into mini sizes, it’s time to move on to the best products that make travelling so much easier. If you’re travelling on an airplane, we all know how damaging that is to your skin. The lack of oxygen in airplanes is detrimental to your skin, and who wants to arrive somewhere looking all dry and dehydrated, right!?

Hydrating sticks are great to travel with because they are compact and TSA-approved. MILK’s Cooling Water and Neogen’s Green Tea stick are great examples. They are used like a lip balm, but for under your eyes, and they provide amazing hydration and energy for your skin.

Neogen Green Tea Stick, $22

In the theme of balms, ones for your lips are another essential travel item. Just like you need to hydrate your face, your lips need love too. It’s important to moisturize because it’s not just the air but also the stress of traveling that can dry out your skin and lips. My personal favorite is Burt’s Bees lip balm, but there are tons of other great options. If you’re travelling to some place sunny, you should make sure your lip balm has SPF in it to prevent your lips from getting sun burnt.

It’s also important to keep your face free from grime and bacteria, which is especially important when travelling to new places. Dirt on your hands and in the environment can easily rub into the pores in your face, so it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. Makeup wipes are great for this when you’re on the go, are TSA-friendly, and compact enough to fit in any carry-on bag. There is a new trend called “micellar” wipes — micellar works like a magnet to lift dirt and makeup off your face without rubbing. They are great because they don’t irritate the skin, so I suggest using wipes that indicate they have micellar in them on the packaging. Some great brands are Garnier, Burt’s Bees, and Bioré. These sell for around $6 for a package of approximately 30 wipes.

Even though you might make every effort to keep hydrated and clean, sometimes we still can’t prevent some breakouts or under-eye bags. That’s why a concealer is essential while travelling. They are great not just for covering up blemishes, but also to blend under your eyes to remove any dark circles. These two options are amazing, and instantly make your face look brighter!

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser, $8; Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (mini), $13

Another must-have travel essential is dry shampoo. It’s great for keeping dirty hair look clean as well as providing some volume to unwashed hair. Once again, there are many types that come in a mini size, so they are great to travel with. Keep a mini size in your carry on for an on-the-go blow dry effect! Great brands are Tresemmé and Batiste.

Eye masks are another must-have essential while travelling to help you catch a few zzz’s when you’re on the go. For most of us (and women especially), our bodies have a harder time adjusting to new surroundings, and it can be hard to get some quality rest. A soft eye mask is great for speeding up that falling asleep process by providing instant darkness. I also suggest considering a silk one, because silk naturally contains amino acids which have anti-aging properties. It’s a win-win!

The moral of the story is go mini, keep clean, and stay hydrated. These products and tips are quick and easy to adopt into your travel routine, but they will add so much simplicity to your travels so you can focus on all the other important things.

Bon voyage!

Love + Grace,

Tonya xo

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