How to Nail the Athleisure Look

Since it’s been pretty chilly down here in Florida in the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that I’ve been rocking some Athleisure to cope with the chillier temperatures! While y’all know I love to dress up, I had to find a look that was still stylish yet cozy. So, I opted for an athleisure look, combining fashion and function to create a chic but totally wearable ensemble.

Plus, sometimes it’s nice to wear something a little more relaxed and cozy! Athleisure is a recent trend defined as casual clothing that is designed to be worn both for exercising and for general wear. Athleisure blurs the lines between activewear and street clothing, and not only does it look great but it’s so comfortable too.

Workout wear has improved in leaps and bounds over recent years, becoming super versatile and super comfortable, suitable to wear from the gym to the grocery store and all of your other errands and activities. In two different outfits, I’ve demonstrated my athleisure look with fun leggings, an oversized sweater, and patterned sneakers. And of course, in typical Tonya style, I can’t help but dress it up with some bling.

Here’s my guide to the best athleisure brands and a few tips on how to rock your best workout-inspired look.

Best Brands:

Lululemon — One of the most popular companies known for their durable leggings, Lululemon truly kickstarted the athleisure trend. From shirts to bags, skirts, and even dresses, they make comfortable, sweat-wicking clothing that doesn’t even look like workout wear at all.

Lululemon To The Beat Sweatshirt

Alo — This is a pricier athleisure brand, but they are best known for their quality and design. They are also very dedicated to giving back and are focused on bringing movement and mindfulness to school children through their charity, Alo Gives. Sometimes social-focused brands make a good reason to splurge!

Fabletics — This is Kate Hudson’s activewear company which is both super cute and affordable. Once you fill out a quick quiz on your body type and clothing preferences, they tailor their clothing options to what you’re looking for — and they have a 2 for $24 deal on leggings!

Fabletics 2-Piece Ashtanga Outfit

Nola by Addition Elle — A subdivision of Addition Elle, Nola offers workout clothes that are bold and fun, incorporating cools patterns and bright colors that are offered sizes L-4X.

Zella — A brand sold at Nordstrom, Zella is committed to peak performance technology and ultimate comfort. They too have tons of super cute patterns and styles.

Zella Bright Side Pullover

All these brands all have the comfort of sweats with the look of something more dressy. And if you’re looking for something more affordable, stores like Walmart and Target offer super cute on-trend styles and designs that can also help you master your athleisure look.

Now, how do you create an outfit with these brands? Well, this trend makes it acceptable to wear your training leggings from the office to the gym, as well as tons of sneakers can even be meeting-appropriate. For me, it’s all about mixing and matching. In both of my looks, the leggings were the standout (hello leopard print!!) and I paired them with an oversized sweater and fun sneakers. In the first, I really let my red leopard leggings speak for themselves by layering a grey sweater overtop and black sneakers. In my second athleisure look, I paired leggings with a leopard stripe with a matching sweater and leopard sneakers, making it a complete ensemble.

To both looks, I obviously also had to add some of my fave bling. Accessories are a must-have when styling your athleisure look because it instantly elevates any outfit and makes it look dressier. Jewelry also add a pop of color and fun!

I’ve chosen to combine workout clothes with casual pieces (half casual, half athletic), which creates a mix-and-matched look. I love this because I can still be comfortable but my look is still elevated and not overly casual. On the other hand, you can also create your athleisure look by making an outfit that is all workout clothes (such as leggings with a workout top and hoodie). But as always, pick a style that you love and that suits you.

The most important thing to remember is that the athleisure look is all about an elevated style of workout wear. You don’t want to look like you had a sweaty workout and didn’t have time to change your clothes! While athleisure is about comfort, it’s also about looking stylish and putting your best foot forward. Now, here’s to hoping it warms up soon!

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