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Hottest Jewelry Trends

For some reason, jewelry seems like an afterthought for many. If your clothes are the statement, jewelry is just the cherry on top? Well not for me, because I love jewelry and think it can even be the starting point to inspire a fabulous outfit! From statement necklaces to layering, jewelry can be very versatile and unique to you and your style.

This spring/summer, don’t let your jewelry stand idle in your closet. There are so many interesting and fun trends in this guide, so check out what you love and what inspires you. These trends are not to be missed, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve picked out. Here are the top 12 hottest jewelry trends right now:

Chunky Hoops

This season, hoops are big, but in a chunky and more bulky style, making them much more of a statement piece. You can still play around with different metals, colors, and styles, but if you opt for this trend, make sure the rest of your jewelry is understated and simple to make sure your hoops stand out.


This is a super fun trend, and enamel jewelry has become super popular in the form of bracelets, rings, and other fun pieces. Enamel is basically the fusion of glass to metal, making it a great option to add color and a pop-art feel to your jewelry. As someone who loves bright and fun jewelry, this is one of my favorite trends.

Chain Link

Chains of varying shapes and sizes have become very popular as of late, from dainty chokers to more chunky long chain necklaces. Even chain link rings have become very popular, and I love this trend.


Similarly to the chain trend is a coin look, AKA necklaces with ornaments that look like pressed coins. Mostly in the form of necklaces, this trend makes a statement without being over the top. Opt for this trend if you love silver or gold jewelry that is a tad on the bold side yet still very elegant and classy.


This is one of my favorites — charms are back! I wear so many different charms on my necklaces and bracelets, and what I love most about them is that you can personalize them to make them what you want with something that is meaningful to you. There are so many options, which also means that your jewelry will be unique and special to you. Clip on charms to your fave bracelets or necklaces for a fun, interesting look.


This is another one that has become very popular more recently, with moon and star pendants and designs making all your dreams come true. I personally love sky-inspired jewelry, and this trend comes in the form of all kinds of jewelry, from necklaces to earrings, to bracelets and rings. Simple and understated, this trend is very pretty and easy to adopt into your wardrobe.

Flower Power

Flowers and other garden-inspired pieces have become a huge trend recently as well, such as pendants and rings that have a very fresh and springy feel. This style of jewelry is super girly and makes a bit of at statement, so opt for this trend if you love feeling ultra feminine and stylish.


When has layering ever been out of style? Truthfully it never has in my book, but layering has become a much bigger trend lately. Multiple pieces can be beautifully layered over others to create a pretty and deliberate effect. However if you choose to layer, make sure the pieces relate to each other thematically to avoid looking like an awkward mishmash of everything in your jewelry collection.


If you know me, you know I love any kind of sparkle and bling. This trend is all about being over the top and glitzy, so if you’re like me and you love embracing that part of yourself, then this trend is for you. Blinged-out pieces can come in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.

Modern Pearls

This one is all about pearls, but with a more modern twist, which means straying away from the classic pearl earrings or necklaces towards more dainty and delicate pieces that feature pearls in a unique way.


Beach-themed jewelry and shell-inspired pieces are a trend that seems to be forever popular. Especially with summer on its way, this is a great trend to try. Shell earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are super fun and summery, making them the perfect stylish yet underrated trend.

I hope this guide has you feeling inspired and excited to wear jewelry more often! It’s the perfect way to spice up any outfit, and you can really show who you are and your personality with so many different jewelry styles and designs. Happy styling!