Fall’s Best Season Must-Haves

While it seems like the rest of the country is bundling up for the cold weather, us here in Florida are still coping with the year-round heat. But, the weather has cooled off a bit, and now that it has, I’ve started to get excited about fall, and more specifically, fall fashion. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to officially welcome this cooler weather.

To me, fall is all about new beginnings, and this fall season, I encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and maybe try a trend you never thought you would (hint: Animal Print!!). The fall season is a great reason to bring out your favorite pieces from last year while also embracing new trends and maybe try something you haven’t before. So while we maybe won’t be warming ourselves up with a hot cocoa and warm jacket, this list will help you put your best fashion foot forward while still dressing appropriately for the weather. Here are my absolute favorite trends for Fall 2018.

Lightweight Layering

Layering is one of the most consistent fall fashion trends that we’ve see across runways and in magazines. But while everyone else layers out of necessity to keep warm, we have to find more creative ways of layering that don’t pack on the heat. My solution to staying on-trend while coping with the Florida heat is lightweight layering — pairing a blouse or top with shawls, light cotton cardigans, and other types of lightweight jackets. This makes you look super stylish and trendy without giving you a hot flash. You can add to this layered look by also layering your jewelry for the perfect fall look!

Animal Print

No matter what your preconceptions about this trend may be, animal print is back and in style. This disputed trend has been seen across several of the high fashion runways, but there are many simple ways you can incorporate this trend into your everyday look. I love animal print, and I’ve seen some great jackets, shirts, and dresses that I love. You can make a statement by wearing an animal print kimono or dress. Or, if you’re not as daring and just want to ease into the trend, try an animal print bag or belt. If you’re not trying to make a statement, keep the rest of your outfit toned down and neutral to keep the animal print the focal point of your look.

Crazy Prints

This is for the daring fashionistas. A super popular trend right now is mix-matching different styles of prints to create an ensemble that doesn’t necessarily match. This means combining an animal print shirt with a plaid bottom, and playing around with different colours and fabrics as well. This trend is definitely eye-catching, but I’ve loved playing around with this myself. I love mix-matching the crazy prints from my own wardrobe. There’s nothing wrong with making a statement!


These are a great transitional item that will take you into the cooler season. Anyone who knows me knows that I am such a shoe girl, so I love playing with different colors and styles of booties. They are such a great option because they are ultra-comfortable and versatile, and can take you from work to girls night with minimal effort.

Fall Floral

Returning for the second fall in a row, fall floral is back! It differs from summer floral because the colors are often more darker and muted — flower patterns that use more toned-down fall colors. What I love about this fall trend is that it will keep you reminiscent of those warmer months even as it cools off. Fall floral is another surefire way to add a great pop of color to your wardrobe.

Dark Colors

Speaking of darker colors, they are a necessary facet of fall fashion each year. I personally love the drama and richness that they bring to clothing. In fact, I’m loving the rich burgundy, green, and blue colors that come will this fall palette, and I hope you do too. Check out clothes in fall colors such as navy, pumpkin, forest green, burgundy, and mustard yellow.


This is another trend that has graced many of the fall runways year after year. It seems like one of the fall staples — and so investing in some plaid is definitely investing in your future’s fall wardrobe as well. It instantly signifies cooler weather and is great because the pattern can be found in dresses, jackets, pants, hats, bags, blouses, and even booties! Not to mention, if you’re looking to add a pop of color, this season’s plaid can be found in tons of bright colors, such as pink, orange, and yellow. Ultimately, plaid pieces are the perfect fall must-have.


Oversized clothing seems to be a popular trend as of late — especially for fall when it comes to layering coats and jackets with scarves and bags. While you may not be opting for oversized jackets and sweaters, the oversized bag has made its comeback. XXL bags make it easy for you to carry around everything you need (or think you might need).

Overall, these trends act as starting point for you to expand your wardrobe into this season. Choose the trends that speak most to you, or maybe try something new.

After all, what better time than the present to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Love + Grace,

Tonya xo

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