Evolving with your Style

Are you tired of wearing the same outfit over and over? Even when our closet is full of clothes, we’ve all had those days where we just feel like everything has been worn one too many times and you’re tired of putting those same jeans with that same shirt. OR have you ever seen an older photo of yourself and CRINGED because of what you were wearing?

I’ve been there too and I get it girls! It’s important to discover your personal style and evolve with it over time. This may sound pretty daunting, but I promise you it’s not. Your wardrobe should be an authentic expression of YOU, making you feel confident and empowered to be your best self. Your wardrobe is also the window to the world to make their first impression about you.

It’s easy to buy clothes and put them on, but more interesting when your style is thought out and created by you! You may have a specific style and not even know about it. Has one of your friends ever said to you “wow that is so a ‘you’ item” ? Because if they ever have, that means you have a distinctive style that is worth noticing. The problem then becomes how we can evolve with our style, match the trends of the moment, and keep our signature pieces all while staying true to who we are.

Most often, our style evolves naturally over time. When purging your closets, you might come across things that don’t really feel true to who you are anymore, which then becomes balanced by making new purchases that reflect us a little better. Moving forward, in both mental and physical ways is a natural part of our evolution, and you want your clothes to reflect who you are at this point in your lifetime.

It’s important to be honest with yourself about what you will wear versus what is no longer. When you hold onto clothes you will never wear (even if they still fit!), you are preventing yourself from true growth. Purging those clothes feels just like losing 10 pounds or cutting your hair short — an automatic weight lifted off your shoulders. Evolving with your style is not something that is done overnight, but can take your whole life. Don’t be scared! This is not something that should frighten you, nor should it be seen as “work”, but rather fun! Here are some tips:

Make it about YOU.

What kind of clothes do YOU love wearing?

Use clothes as your accessory to the life you are creating for yourself. Are you bright and playful or muted and classic? Take a look at your wardrobe and assess the common theme among all your clothes. Are most of your clothes bright, patterned, and colorful? Or do you see more neutral colors and classics?

Take this as a hint to what your style is. I’m a colorful girl, so my closet is filled with fun patterns and bright colors. If yours isn’t, that’s okay too, but then work to evolve with your personal style. This takes years and involves the slow accumulation and purging until it eventually all comes together. But realistically, we are all a work in progress, and our style will never be complete. The latest fashion trends are always shifting and unpredictable, so find what works for you. Because when you step into that style, it feels amazing, and as a result your whole life will instantly feel better.

Work with your body type.This goes for cuts, styles, colors, and fabrics. If you have a pear shaped body, emphasize your curves with styles that are cinched, such as fit-and-flare dresses. If your body type is slim, it’s great to embellish and create extra volume on your lower half with high-waisted jeans, ruffles, or over-the-waist belts. Great styles will accentuate your best features and minimize your least favourite. Also learning about what colors suit your skin type, as well as fabrics and patterns.

Adapt to your needs.Throughout our lifetime, factors such as our bodies, lifestyle, work setting, and climate change. Naturally, our style needs will change too, which will force us to adapt accordingly. Once you become a mom, move states, or get a new job, new style needs will be created, and it is up to us to learn how to adjust.

Stay out of a rut.This refers to what I said at the beginning, when you get that feeling after you look inside your closet and see nothing that you are excited to wear. I totally get it! It can get boring to wear the same colors and items in the same way all the time. However, the best way to solve this is by rotating your wardrobe by season so that your seasonal items feel fresh after not seeing them for a couple of months.

This is also a great way to purge your clothes season by season, which also makes room for new purchases that refresh your look.

With time, you learn to disregard, evolve, and repeat. Ultimately, make your style yours, make it you, and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

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