Building a Better Social Media Presence

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

In today’s world, building a better social media is the key to success as an entrepreneur. This is because so many of us are consumed by it — it’s where get our news, where we keep up with what others are doing, and how many of us learn about new products and businesses. But how can you stand out from the crowd? It may feel overwhelming to try and stay on top of social media (and I for one know it can), but if you consider these following tips, you’ll be well on your way to cultivating a rockstar social media presence.

Be Personable

Who are YOU and what are you all about? The key to building a better social media presence is to truly represent yourself. Actually put words to define it — are you quirky, minimalistic, vibrant, funky, or business-y? Whatever your unique brand is, make sure that it’s routinely represented on social media. You want to be known for who you are rather than trying to present something that you’re not, which is way harder to keep up with. Also, don’t only share content that is just about you or something you’re selling. People want to feel like you are interested and engaged with them — so if you consider their interests, you can try to better understand what their values and likes are.

Consistency is Key

Once you develop your brand, use complementing filters, colors, and photos to ensure you build a consistent feel to your pages. You don’t want any of your profiles to feel confused or mismatched, but instead you want people to know that you put time and thought in to what you are posting. And thankfully, iPhone cameras and some good editing apps can make you look like a professional with just a few clicks.

Regular Posting & Engagement

Unfortunately, Instagram has these tricky algorithms that allow you to see content that is highly interacted with from accounts that are the most active. In other words, this means that for the accounts that post consistently (around 5 days a week), their content is more likely to be seen at the top of someone’s feed compared to someone that rarely posts anything. The same is true for other social media platforms, and those who often post and engage are better rewarded for it. Content moves so fast and there is such a rush of posts all the time, that it’s important to post consistently so that you stay at the top of mind to people. Furthermore, engage with other accounts by commenting, liking, or sharing in order to be more social. Think of social media as a conversation, and by interacting with other accounts, you are creating a back-and-forth space where people feel supported and valued by you.

Find Your Audience

The 20-year-old influencer has a very different audience than a mom in their 40s. Identify who your audience is in order to really tap into what people are looking for and why they’d want to follow your account.

Help > Sell

People don’t want to feel bombarded with your products or whatever you’re selling — they want to see the human side of your business! On today’s crowded social media platforms, it can be tempting to push hard selling and to force offers and deals on people. Instead, sell your brand as the business instead, and the money will come. Answer questions, offer advice, and just be yourself. When people follow you and get invested in your life, they will want to support you and any of your business ventures.

Use a Platform you Like

Don’t feel pressured to use every platform. Certain types of content suit different sites, so depending on the type of content you want to share, you shouldn’t need to use all mediums. For me, Facebook is my main platform, as well as my website and Instagram. Facebook is suited to more lengthy, information-sharing content, while Twitter is mainly meant for shorter, more time-sensitive information. Instagram on the other hand is extremely visual, and meant for people who have a clear aesthetic and want to be creative. When you use sites that you like, it won’t be as hard to come up with quality content.

Get Creative

No one wants to see the same content spun 100 different ways, day after day. Straight up, it’s boring. Find a way to share your brand and be you without routinely posting about the same 5 topics. Post about things that are of interest to you, or that you see other people dealing with. Share tips that have helped you or be honest about certain struggles or hard times. Once again, it all comes back to being relatable so that people will be more inclined to follow and stay followers. Experiment with different, posts, ideas, and topics to really learn what sticks and what doesn’t.

Overall, this will take time and getting thousands of followers definitely doesn’t happen over night. Be YOU and make sure that through everything you post, people are seeing what you’re all about. Investing time into improving your social media will grow your business in leaps and bounds. Be sure to connect with me in my social on Facebook!

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