Bring On Summer

All of sudden it has gone from fur coat weather to sandals! This weather can be iffy these days so you got to be thoroughly prepared when you have to let your puppies show!!

This week I wanted to share some DIY home pedicure spa tips to help get our feet in shape and ready for this early spring weather upon us….

The main things you want to focus on when doing a home pedi is soak, exfoliate and moisturize!

If you can remember at least those 3 things….your golden!

1. A great soaking solution to use right out of your cabinet is half a cup of mint mouth wash (I use Listerine) a half a cup of vinegar and warm water! It’s the perfect foot soak combo to allow your feet to soften up and prep for the next step exfoliation!

2. A really awesome exfoliation combo is either half a cup of sugar or salt (depending on your mood)  cut a lemon and squeeze half of it into the sugar or salt (you can even do several drops of lemon or lavender essential oils) and then add a table spoon of coconut oil!!

I have tried this and it works great! PLUS it has added moisturizer affect with the coconut oil. You can also use a pumice stone for a deep exfoliation.

3. Then moisturize!!!! I personally believe you can use any of your favorite scented body lotion you have on hand. Slap it on and massage in!!

And finally you are ready to remove any previous nail polish, cut cuticles, trim your nails, and then paint!!!!!

Super simple and easy way to imitate the salon at home! So grab you a glass of wine, turn some soft music on, and soak your feet tonight ladies…and if you dare…share your pedi with us!!

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