Biggest Benefits to Being Your Own Boss

Many years ago now, I left my job in the corporate world to pursue running my own business. As scared as I was at the time, it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. There are many challenges both personally and professionally, but for me the benefits definitely outweigh the cons.

What I’ve noticed in the past few years is a huge shift and trend towards working for yourself. I find that there is lots of societal pressure on people nowadays to “pursue their calling” and do what they love, as well as navigate some type of work/life balance. Times have changed, and for many of us, there is more to life than working a 9-5 and hating it.

So, this is how network marketing came into my life. It offered all the benefits of building my own business, but without the hefty start-up prices and major level of commitment. It has completely changed my life and the lives of many others. There are so many great advantages to being your own boss, but these are my top ones:

Do the Work you Want to Do

One of the best things about working for yourself is that YOU are in the drivers seat, able to choose not only what you want to pursue as a whole but also the work that you like to do. If you don’t like certain aspects of your current job, chances that that you can structure your business to avoid them. By not having to deal with all of the daily tasks that keep you from certain aspects of your business, you will be able to focus on what you love. This is especially true when your business grows and you can hire people to take on the tasks you hate.

Choose Your Own Schedule

Do you work best in the morning? Late at night? In the afternoon, from your bed, or at a desk? Well the beauty of being your own boss means that you get to choose when you work and how many hours you want to put in. Obviously you reap what you sow and the hours you put in directly effect the successes in your business, but when you want to do the work is totally up to you. This means you don’t have to be productive from 9-5 but whenever works for you… or wherever!

Many days, I work from a beach, a pool lounger, or as many of you may know, sitting in the parent pickup line! Being your own boss offers a flexibility that is unmatched in any other job. Have to take your kid to a doctor’s appointment, get your car fixed, or need to stay home because of health issues?

Well, being able to choose your own schedule allows you to fit in the things that are necessary. For me, one the the greatest benefits was being able to be home and around for my daughter. Family time is super important to me, so I was able to schedule my work around my family time rather than vice versa.

Love What You Do

How many people can truly say they love what they do everyday? In my opinion, not enough. Putting in your own time and money becomes much easier when you love what you do. For me, I took my love of jewelry, fashion, and styling and turned it into a profit. Find a way to take what you love and what you are good at make it into a business.

Make Your Own Decisions

For the rest of us control freaks who like to be in charge and make the decisions, when you are our own boss you get to make all of them! You are not answerable to anyone but yourself and you have the freedom to literally be your own boss and follow your own rules. Since it’s your company, you also don’t have to worry about “impressing” your boss or coworkers, and you can grow at the rate that you wish.

I have found it to be so empowering to be able to be in the drivers seat for my successes and career. There is truly no greater feeling.

There are definitely downsides to being your own boss, such as lack of benefits, sometimes feeling isolated (although this is rarely the case with network marketing businesses), or a lack of structure.

But, if you can push through those few challenges, and all of the benefits are what you are looking for in your life, then you have no reason not to pursue your dreams.

We only have one life, so make sure you are getting the most out of it.

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