8 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

Now that Christmas is officially upon us, it becomes super easy to get overwhelmed and preoccupied with all the gift-giving, family time, and holiday craziness that this time of year brings. As you all know by now, I LOVE this time of year — the food is always delicious, the clothes are sparkly and fun, and we get the excuse to stay home and relax with our family. However for most of us, there is lots going on and too many things to coordinate, so we can lose sight of what truly matters. Here are my 8 tips for taking time to relax and enjoy your holiday celebrations:

Play Holiday Music

Now I’m the kinda girl who listens to Christmas music starting from the day after Thanksgiving into January 1st. It just always lifts me up into the holiday spirit! From baking holiday cookies with my daughter to wrapping presents, I love listening to those familiar holiday jingles. Bust out your favourite CD or put a playlist from Spotify or Apple Music on repeat — it will instantly make you feel more festive!

Don't Stress

Take Christmas Day and the days following to relax and enjoy your home and family time as much as possible. If this time of year means lots of travelling for you, make a schedule that includes down time and lots of space. This is also a foolproof way to figure out what plans are doable and how much is just too much. Learn to savor this time of year and don’t let a hectic schedule mess with your zen.

Stay Hydrated

And by this I don’t mean with alcohol!! As much as there are lots of fun cocktails and reasons to drink this time of year, alcohol dehydrates you and will dry out your complexion. By all means, enjoy a cocktail or two, but make sure to counter those with lots of water.

Ask for Help

YOU shouldn’t be the only one tasked with making the food, getting the house ready, and wrapping the gifts. It should be a multi-person job! If you’re entertaining over the holidays, get your other family members to pitch in by giving everyone a task or two to relieve your pressure. If you have little kiddos, you can still get them involved too! By splitting up the duties, you will be less stressed — after all, this time of year, it’s important to focus on all the joy and blessings. There can be tons of joy in teamwork and family bonding, and your holiday entertaining shouldn’t be a one-man show.

Prioritize Movement

One of the greatest things to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed is some type of physical activity. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out, but even a 20-minute walk outside is super beneficial to your well being. It can be a lot getting crammed into malls and the homes of our family members, but just getting active for a small amount of time when you can will do wonders. Get out, go to the gym, take a walk around your neighbourhood, leave your office during lunch, or walk the dog — I promise, it will make you feel relaxed and relieved in no time. Even though we love our family, we all need a little bit of space sometimes.

Manage your Expectations

We all have an idea of what the “perfect” Christmas looks like. This can involve a perfect table setting, perfect food, and perfect family time. But the reality is that nothing is perfect, and we can’t expect that everything is always going to go as planned. However, that’s the beauty of it! What’s important is to remain joyful and merry despite the food we may accidentally overcook or the family member who can’t come last minute. By understanding that slip ups are bound to happen, you are managing your expectations and teaching yourself not to lose sight of what Christmas is really about — Jesus and time spent with the ones we love.

Do Something for YOU

Whether this means sneaking off somewhere to read a new book, spending an extra 20 minutes getting ready and putting on your fave jewelry, or eating an extra cookie, do something small that brings JOY into your soul. While it can be overwhelming to be on the go, taking a little bit of time out of your day for a self-love moment can only bring more light and sparkle into your holiday season.

Be Grateful

This is truly a blessed time of year, so it’s important to remain focused on all those blessings and how truly lucky we are. So here’s your reminder to take a step back, be grateful for all that God has blessed us with, and spread that love to all those near. Share love, kindness, and grace this Christmas.

While this time of year can be overwhelming and super hard to navigate, I hope you can use these 8 tips and find time to truly enjoy yourself. Wherever you are, take time to relax in your pjs and spend time with those you love.

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