4 Ways to Support Your Fellow Women

As Beyonce famously sings, girls run the world — which is why it’s so important that we take the time to support, encourage, and uplift one another. We all talk about the importance of this, but do we really support other women?

Here are 4 ways you can support the women around you.

Eliminate Judgment

It’s hard enough to try and manage it all, never mind when people are judging you while you’re just trying to do your best. Each of us move through life with a different set of experiences, story, and outlook on the world, which means we each have our own unique perception and opinion. So, withhold judgment, even if someone is doing something you may not agree with. It’s okay to share your opinion if asked, but do so in a way that is always supportive and never judgmental. When you’ve been going through a tough time, have you welcomed criticism or judgment? Likely no, so extend the same courtesy to your fellow women. We often need love and support more than we need advice, so be a supportive woman by sticking by your friends and colleagues even when you disagree with what they’re doing. And when the time comes that someone else judges a friend in your presence, you could even stick up for them. When people see you as someone who is always supportive and never judges, they will come to you more often for advice and support, as someone who is a true friend.

Offer Support

When another woman is going through a difficult time, offer your support. This can be in the form of an open ear, a hug, or maybe even helping them out physically by picking up their kids from school or treating them to a dinner. Whatever support looks like to you, it is one of the best ways you can be a supportive woman. The key to this rule is that supporting others takes nothing away from you, and you can help someone become super successful while you work on making yourself more successful too. Supporting your friend through their tough time or helping them get ahead at work doesn’t make you a lesser employee, it makes you a stronger one. Truly supportive women acknowledge that we need help to make it in this world, and that by offering advice and love and assistance, we too will find our own success.

Don’t Expect Anything

You will always be disappointed if you go through life expecting that for everything you give, you will receive something back. Don’t expect that just because you were there for a friend, they will drop everything to help you when the time comes. Some will do that, but when you carry these expectations, it only means that you are bound to get disappointed. People are busy in their own lives and in their own heads, and they forget to reach out or check in sometimes. Living life with constant expectations of getting something in return is like being a chess player, always thinking about the next 8 moves and how something will benefit or affect what happens in the future. This type of thinking is toxic to your growth, so be the type of woman that is generous to others, and gets surprised and overjoyed when that generosity comes back in your direction. Avoiding expectations allows you to be in the moment and truly help out your girlfriends without wondering what you’re going to get out of it.

Honesty is Key

Cultivating friendships that are built on honesty is one of the best ways to ensure you have a strong circle of women who support you. I have many women in my life who I can trust to call me out when I need it, or tell me when those jeans just don’t look as good as they should. Being open and honest with your friends is important, especially when sharing mom truths or other things that bond us together as women. When you are truthful and sincere to other women about what is going on in your life, other women will often extend that by opening up to you. Attracting like-minded, honest women is important, because you create a back-and-forth bond where you have each other’s backs.

Focus on building other women up, and you will become a happier and better person. By looking for the good in others and by refusing to judge, you are a real girl’s girl and can be a trusted source where women know they can come to you, no questions asked.

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