12 Ideas for Setting Goals for 2020

Believe it or not, a new decade is just over 30 days away. I truly can’t believe that this year is coming to a close, but more than that, that the next decade is upon us!

But as this time of year seems to speed up and get hectic with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, I also like to take this time to slow down my thoughts in order to think about what I have accomplished thus far and what I still have left to do.

This year especially is a big one, because we are saying goodbye to the 10’s and welcoming the 20’s — which means there is no better time to kick your goals and intentions up a notch. What have you been wanting to do but never got around to? Do you have a passion that you’ve always been debating about pursuing but have felt too scared/nervous/hesitant? There are so many different things that we ALL wish we had more time for, so why not make 2020 the year where you really start to make time for the things that mean the most.

Sit down and take inventory of the last 10 years and figure out what you want the next 10 to look like. If there’s anything I’ve learned lately, I know how important it is to not hold ourselves back in fear of failure, but instead to push ourselves to achieve what we’ve always dreamed of.

Here are some goal ideas for 2020:

Start a blog or create a social media platform — your voice matters, and if you are looking to take your business to the next level, it’s vitally important that you have an amazing social media platform and updated blog.

Commit to networking more — whether you join a networking group or attend more networking events, meeting people who are in a related field is a great way to stay on top of your game and also meet people who could be helpful in advancing your career.

Take more personal time — this is something most of us have trouble doing, but it’s important. Taking more time for yourself will help you to be more productive and stick to your personal and professional goals (as well as make you a calmer, more centered person).

Pay Off Debt — Living is not cheap, but by committing to paying off your debt, you could relieve lots of stress and weight off of your shoulders.

Be More Environmentally Conscious — there are so many things we can do to reduce our environmental impact. In your business, you could vow to go paperless. At home, you could reduce waste and be more energy efficient.

Be a Mentor — There is no greater feeling than helping someone who was once in your shoes. Be a mentor to someone who is in a similar role in order to provide support, advice, and assistance when needed.

Work on Your Brand — If you are an entrepreneur, there is nothing more important than figuring out what your personal brand is and sticking to it. You can improve your brand by hosting a webinar or by refreshing your social media channels.

Create a Mission Statement — whether this is for a traditional workplace or if you’re working for yourself, figure out what your company or you stand for and take the time to make sure that is reflected through the work you put out and the type of attitude you embody on a day-to-day basis.

Use a Calendar — there is nothing more vital to your productivity and focus than keeping an up-to-date and accurate calendar. In order to maximize your time and stay on top of everything you need to do, write down everything from your business meetings to hair appointments to the time it takes to drive from place to place in between.

Commit to Becoming an Expert on X — whatever your X may be, pick something you are passionate about and be 100% committed to becoming an expert on it. We can’t be amazing at everything, but you can be an expert at one thing.

Be Ok With Saying “No” — This is a tough one, but you will be a happier person if you can learn to be okay with saying no to things. We can’t do everything, so don’t feel the need to stretch yourself too thin and be a people pleaser. Know when you just can’t fit something into your schedule.

Learn More — continuous learning is the only way to make sure you are getting better at what you do, and in today’s day and age, things are constantly evolving at such a rapid pace. Take a class, read up on certain things, and educate yourself on your industry so that you are always learning.

Now, this is not to say that you should be making every one of these things a priority (because that would just be hectic), but consider making a few of them your goals for 2020. There are always ways we can improve and better our personal and professional selves, so commit to ringing in the new year with some powerful goals to set you up for success.

There truly is no time like the present to start thinking about your goals for 2020.

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